“Friday the 13th” 05.13.22

I love Friday the 13th. I was born on the thirteenth of January. Thirteen is my favorite day and color, and a lucky day for me. If I had a cat, he would be black with green eyes, but my husband is allergic. We settled for a “cat-size” black dog with brown eye brows. We love him better, anyway. Many people associate this day with bad luck, superstition, and black cats with green eyes. They approach the day with trepidation. It reminds me a bit of the misfortunate children whose parents denied them the pleasures of trick-or-treating and Harry Potter. I also see this day as a chance to binge watch scary movies and stay inside with pizza, away from imminent doom. When we watch scary movies, we enjoy the darkness the characters experience. We tend to believe, “That could never happen to me.” Never say never. It is a day to ponder why the “bad guys” became bad guys.

The roots of many “villains” are often overlooked. There are trees tall enough to spout volumes about how the “bad guys” weren’t all bad. The “good guys” take precedence, and the criminals are instantly evil, with no back story. Frequently they have untreated psychiatric illnesses and are deemed incompetent. Many “bad guys” are committed to asylums (an antique term for a psychiatric hospital). Incompetent. Committed. From experience, I know how frustrating, infuriating, and painfully heavy those words are, and how much smaller the room. I think that “villain” is a tough label to give someone you don’t understand. I know how it feels to struggle, and how your brain can at times explode with rage. Every villain has a story. Everyone has a story. Everyone. No matter how short, long, exciting, adventurous or boring. Friday the 13th can be just another day. The beginning of the weekend, a break from hard work. It can also be a special day to test your own competence and to feel compassionate toward others. Cuddle up with your black cat, and keep him inside. Today, do not let him cross the street.


*I will be taking a break from publishing blog posts, no more than two Fridays. It is not because I have run out of things to say. I am having some trouble with my eyes and will be limiting my screen time. I will return soon. Thank you for your patience!

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