The Tail of a Dragon and His Girl

“A breeze may blow out a candle, but a fire grows stronger when you fan the flames”

This is a story of the connection shared between animal and person, the strong bond that catches hold of us and opens our hearts to another being. It is the journey of a girl seeking shelter under the safety of a dragon’s wings. The adventure also strengthens her relationship with her mental illness, now a constant presence, but no longer a curse.

Excerpt from A Tail of a Dragon and His Girl

Jane had been ostracized by society because she was different, and sometimes felt very much alone. She listened to her peers discuss dragons. Rumors swirled all around her about their malevolent demeanor. Jane was determined to prove them wrong. Deep in her heart, she knew that one individual should not be judged for the behavior of their peers. After all, her peers had misjudged her. There is nothing wrong with being different. A huge part of her wanted to find a dragon as lonely as she, so Jane packed a bag and began her long quest to befriend a dragon.

Jane’s mental illness (Berman) was with her always, but by now he felt less like a curse and had become more like an old friend.

My little dragon, Logan